We are pleased to announce and to invite you to our first SCOG sponsored workshop and hackathon on computational single cell genomics in Munich, chaired by Fabian Theis:

Workshop Computational Single Cell Genomics



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March 26 (2pm) – March 27 (2pm) 2019

Lenbach Palais, Munich City Center

The workshop is sponsored by the BMBF (SCOG)

Peter Kharchenko (Harvard Medical School)

Sam Riesenfeld (Broad Institute)

Christoph Bock (CEMM Research Institute)

Tallulah Andrews (Wellcome Sanger Institute)

Barbara Treutlein (ETH Zürich)

4 sessions with contributed talks


computational advances in single cell genomics

single cell genomics in biomedicine/ medicine

genomics and machine learning

advanced disease modelling with single cell genomics

1 Poster session


Please register here.

As we have limited places (120 max.) we kindly ask you to register as soon as possible. Registration is free, but please let us know if you eventually cannot come since there may be a waiting list.

Registration closes on March 1, 2019.

Hackathon Computational Single Cell Genomics

The Workshop is followed by a hackathon structured in a Scanpy tutorial and a practical part containing computational challenges with previously queried topics/problems for PhD students and postdocs of participating labs. Basic knowledge of Python* is a requirement.

* i.e. free ebook “Python for Scientists and Engineers” gives a short introduction to scientific computing with Python (link), especially chapters: “An introduction to Numpy and Matplotlib”, “Introduction to Pandas with Practical Examples” and “Data Analysis with Pandas”.



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March 27 (3pm) -28 (6pm) 2019

Weststudio Munich

The hackathon is sponsored by the BMBF (SCOG)

Day 1: afternoon Scanpy tutorial session; preparation practical part in groups

Day 2: practical part, working in teams and presentations

More details about the planned challenges are published on February 15, 2019, here.   


We asked for contingents in some hotels which you can book for your stay. There are much more hotels in the surrounding. Both venues are very well accessible by public transport so you are not restricted to choose your accommodation in proximity of the locations.

Selected hotels:

For questions on the SCOG workshop/ hackathon please contact contact@singlecell.de and use subject ‘SCOG Computational Workshop 2019’/ ‘SCOG Hackathon 2019’.

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