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Machine Learning group, ICB

Coming from a focus on network biology and mechanistic modeling, the machine learning group evolved to a focus for data driven modeling of mostly single-cell transcriptomic data. This includes manifold learning and stochastic processes for mapping high-dimensional, non-linear data. Often, these techniques are combined with neural-network-based representations of these data. At the same time, the group continues to apply and develop statistical and differential equation-based model to gain insight into the role of specific variables in these data. We collaborate with various experimental groups with applications from stem cell biology, differentiation to disease modeling.

  • Manifold learning and stochastic processes for mapping high-dimensional data
  • Neural networks for imaging sequence data and – since recently – count data
  • Scaling established data analysis algorithms to millions of observations and thousands of dimensions
  • Bridging mechanistic and data-driven models
  • Network biology for multi-omics data

Institution Name

Institute of Computational Biology, Helmholtz Zentrum München

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Ingolstädter Landstr. 1,
85764 Neuherberg, Munich, Germany

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Principal Investigator

Fabian Theis

Director of ICB, Head of Machine Learning Group
Professor at Technical University of Munich