Lab Profile

AG Computational Biology

We focus on gene regulation, mRNA metabolism, and epigenomics, and perform integrative analyses of omics data generated by single cell RNA-Seq. It is our goal to identify and reconstruct intracellular signaling networks that are active in development, ageing, stress response and disease. To this end, we develop statistical and machine learning methods and efficient inference algorithms for their training.

  • Statistical models of scRNA-Seq data
  • Single cell lineage tracking
  • RNA metabolism
  • Epigenomics
  • probabilistic graphical models
  • Image analysis

Institution Name

Institute of Medical Statistics and Computational Biology, Medical Faculty, University of Cologne

Institution Short Name

IMSB/University of Cologne

Institution Address

Bachemer Str. 86,
50937 Cologne, Germany

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Principal Investigator

Achim Tresch

Director of IMSB, Head of Computational Biology Group

Bachemer Str. 86,
50937 Köln, Germany

Tel.:+49 (0) 22147896512

Team Members

Vlada Milchevskaya


Niklas Kleinenkuhnen