In order to bring together national researchers using and developing single cell technologies, SCOG invites researchers to join the network and become part of this collaborative platform. Within the network we promote an open source policy, sharing of results and exchanging experimental and computational methods to stimulate single cell innovation in the community.

Ways to join SCOG


Partners of the network are independent group leaders who agree to honour the network’s open sharing policy and to make an effort to share data, new publications as well as experimental or computational methods with  the SCOG community as soon as possible. They  also agree to inform the network about relevant job opportunities in their institution as well as upcoming funding opportunities, training and other events that might be of interest to the community.


Members are researchers at all career levels, who receive the network’s newsletter and have access to the network’s communication channels and resources.

If you are an independent group leader and want to join SCOG as an active partner to strengthen the network with your expertise,  or if just want to stay updated as a member please fill the form.


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Partner  Member