We are pleased to announce and to invite you to our SCOG sponsored hackathon on computational single cell genomics in Munich

Hackathon Computational Single Cell Genomics

The Workshop is followed by a hackathon structured in a Scanpy tutorial and a practical part containing computational challenges with previously queried topics/problems for PhD students and postdocs of participating labs. Basic knowledge of Python* is a requirement.

* i.e. free ebook “Python for Scientists and Engineers” gives a short introduction to scientific computing with Python (link), especially chapters: “An introduction to Numpy and Matplotlib”, “Introduction to Pandas with Practical Examples” and “Data Analysis with Pandas”.



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March 27 (3pm) -28 (6pm) 2019

Weststudio Munich

The hackathon is sponsored by the BMBF (SCOG)

Day 1: afternoon Scanpy tutorial session; preparation practical part in groups

Day 2: practical part, working in teams and presentations

More details about the planned challenges are announced via Email.

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