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Apr 29 2021 - Apr 30 2021


SCOG related event

Fly Cell Atlas 3

This conference is co-organized by SCOG-partner Robert Zinsen (MDC/BIMSB Berlin).



Drosophila melanogaster has been an incredible model organism for basic research for well over 100 years. Hallmarks include its genetic tractability and the sheer variety and flexibility of the molecular, genetic and genomic tools available to probe organismal biology.

The advent of single cell genomics has revolutionized Drosophila research by addressing biological questions with cellular resolution at the whole-genome scale. A crucial piece of the puzzle that has been missing so far is a unifying single-cell genomic reference atlas that would allow for comparison of cellular states across, cells, tissues, organs and organisms.

The mission of the FlyCellAtlas has been to connect researchers to aid and facilitate single-cell efforts in the fly community.

The 3rd symposium will be a hybrid event held in Berlin and virtually at the end of April over 2 days. A 4-hr time slot each day will allow scientists from across the world to join and interact. We are looking forward to excellent talks (for example from Jay Shendure, Norbert Perrimon and Liqun Luo…. and you!) covering not only the creation of a multi-tissue reference atlas, but also efforts leveraging the power of single-cell analysis to a variety of biological questions.

Please register and apply for a talk. – As in years prior, attending the conference is free.