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Nov 19 2020 - Nov 21 2020


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*Virtual Conference*: Emerging Technologies in Single Cell Research (VIB / LifeTime)

In this virtual conference on 19-20 November 2020 organized by VIB and LifeTime, several SCOG partners are among the speakers: Ana Pombo, Nikolaus Rajewsky, Oliver Stegle and Fabian Theis 

Biomedical research is at a turning point. Single cell technologies are opening extraordinary opportunities to address today’s medical challenges. These new tools will enhance our molecular understanding of functional cell states. They will give us major insights into when, how and why diseases of all kinds arise.

Working at the cutting edge of this field, VIB has teamed up with LifeTime, a pan-European research initiative that wants to combine single-cell multi-omics, advanced imaging, artificial intelligence/machine learning and personalized disease models to fundamentally change the current medical practice.

As it seems rather unlikely to hold live international conferences during fall this year, the organizing committee has decided to switch the format of ‘Emerging technologies in Single Cell research’, to a virtual format. The first edition of Emerging Technologies in Single Cell Research is at the same time VIB’s first virtual conference.

At this virtual edition we will aim that speakers, attendees and exhibitors can interact remotely through a virtual environment, as one of the main goals of the VIB Conference Series is to provide the possibility for networking and collaboration.

At Emerging Technologies in Single Cell research, a two-day virtual conference, VIB and LifeTime will bring together top researchers in the fields of multi-omics and artificial intelligence.