Registration application

Registration application

The places for the meeting and the hackathon are limited (meeting: 50 places, hackathon: 25 places). Please complete the registration application, including information about your activities and interest in the field of single cell epigenomics. This information is important so that the scientific organizers can review and accept applications, e.g. to consider the equal participation with respect to institutions, gender, programming level etc.

Opening of applications: 08 August 2022

Application deadline closed on 22 September 2022! You can sign up on the waiting list.

Notification of acceptance will be announced approximately 2 weeks after the application deadline and further information will be provided to complete and finalize the registration. If the application deadline is extended, the selection will be announced later.
We encourage participants to apply for the meeting and hackathon and to submit an abstract for a poster or a short presentation (please find further details in the abstract submission guidelines).

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