The lab of Christian Krebs is looking for a postdoc interested in the project “Targeting tissue-resident memory T cell in autoimmune kidney disease” funded by the DFG (sequencing costs call). We will use established platforms (Krebs et al. Immunity 2016; Danquah et al. Sci Transl Med. 2016; Krebs et al. Science Immunolgy 2020; Marouf et al. Nature Communication 2020; Zhao et al. Science Immunology 2021) to perform a high-dimensional characterization of Trm cells from the tissue (human kidney), define Trm cell surface markers and introduce specific anti-Trm nanobodies.

The newly established research profile area HCTI, including a new research building, offers optimal conditions for international top-level research in the fields of immunology, systems biology and translational medicine.

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