On the occasion of the new brochure “SINGLE-CELL ANALYSIS IN RESEARCH AND MEDICINE”, published by the BBAW with the support of Single Cell Omics Germany, a panel discussion took place at the BBAW on 01 November, 2019.

After a brief introduction to the topic by the editor of the brochure and SCOG partner Jörn Walter (USAAR Saarbrücken), three short presentations by Angelika Eggert (Charité Berlin), Elvira Mass (LIMES Bonn) and SCOG partners Nikolaus Rajewsky (MDC/BIMSB Berlin) described the biological basics and future developments of individual cell analyses, followed by an in-depth discussion on the significance and implications of the new technologies as well as current biomedical research approaches and future implications for cancer precision medicine.

All contributions are now available in the media library on the BBAW website.

The full report is available in German and English here.

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