Bioinformatician for Single-Cell-Sequencing-Data Analysis

A joint position as postdoc/bioinformatician for computational single-cell sequencing analytics is available in the Computational Genomics and Systems Genetics group of Oliver Stegle (together with the Omics IT and Data Management Core Facility (ODCF)) at the DKFZ, Heidelberg.

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Computer Scientist / Bioinformatician IT- and Cloudtechnology de.NBI-Cloud

The Omics IT and Data Management Core Facility at DKFZ Heidelberg is hiring a computer scientist / bioinformatician in the field of cloud computing, to support them in the implementation of data protection and information security measures on the way to certification. This is done in close coordination with the overall cloud of the de.NBI network and with the European partners, such as ELIXIR and EOSC.

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