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@GwenaelleL_: Opening keynote : Principles of gene regulation in space and time by single-cell analysis by @N_Rajewsky
#SingleCell #GeneRegulation
After his fascinating keynote at #ISMBECCB #ISMBECCB2019 we look forward to @N_Rajewsky
update about @LifeTimeFET
also eager to listen to #SCOG partner @Eileen_Furlong
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@LifeTimeFET: Only 2 days left before the #LifeTimeUnConfBCN @CosmoCaixa
We look forward to exciting debates and presentations in #Barcelona
#singlecell #imaging #AI #MachineLearning #datamanagement thanks to @cnag_eu @CRGenomica and the International Nucleome Consortium @COSTprogramme
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@schirmerlab: Excited to share our #SingleCell study on neuronal vulnerability and multilineage diversity in #MultipleSclerosis@UCSF⁩, ⁦@SCICambridge⁩, ⁦@imperialcollege⁩, INIMS Hamburg, ⁦@UMass⁩, ⁦@ucscgenomics⁩ ⁦@UniHeidelberg⁩
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@SchillerLab: Our latest work online @biorxivpreprint
‘Longitudinal single cell transcriptomics reveals Krt8+ alveolar epithelial progenitors in lung regeneration’
Great collab with @fabian_theis lab. @lkmklsmn @HelmholtzMucEn @singlecellomics


Single cell genomics is revolutionizing biology and medicine, combining the advantages of bulk sequencing techniques and microscopic analysis of single cells. Rapid technological advances now allow the profiling of genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes at an unprecedented level of resolution. To harness the full potential of these developments new computational methods specifically tailored towards the analysis of single cell omics data are essential. Integrating efforts in all research areas involved will enhance the translation of single cell sequencing techniques to the clinic. The network Single Cell Omics Germany (SCOG) brings together national researchers using and developing single cell technologies to generate insights into biological systems. Its mission is to provide a collaborative platform for the exchange of both computational and experimental methods and expertise, thereby strengthening single cell research in Germany. Connecting the German single cell community with relevant international initiatives (such as HCA and IHEC), the network will help to address biomedical questions and foster translational research.


Management Team


Fabian Theis

Anna Sacher


Nikolaus Rajewsky

Christian Popp

Marie Vidal

Anna Sonsala


Jörn Walter

Nina Gasparoni

Steering Committee

Eileen Furlong

EMBL, Heidelberg

Nikolaus Rajewsky (founding member)


Joachim Schultze

University of Bonn/LIMES, Bonn

Fabian Theis (founding member, coordinator)

HMGU, Munich

Maria Elena Torres-Padilla

HMGU, Munich

Barbara Treutlein

MPI, Leipzig

Jörn Walter (founding member)

Saarland University, Saarbrücken


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